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London Street Wear Jelly and Cream 5 Panel caps and snapbacks Test Your Strength Clothing created with a love of art, illustration, tattoos, music and fashion. PXL t-shirts
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Test Your Strength Clothing created with a love of art, illustration, tattoos, music and fashion.
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Founded in 2012 by photographer Ihsan Kemal Born Ready aims to bring together the individualities of music, tattoo, photography, art, extreme sports and youth cultures that surround them.

ENGlorious: an independent clothing company that was formed in a small London flat in 2012 from a passion for all things that stand out from the crowd.

Jelly and Cream: custom UK design five panel snapback caps in a Mitchell and Ness style.

Trending right now: It may not be the clothing brands you expect and it's all just changed:

  • T-shirts, probably the most useful bit of clothing ever invented. Graffiti designs, slogans, urban artwork and prints that make your t shirts a walking statement on the streets. T-shirts from the world of the skate, surf, BMX, urban, street wear, hip.
  • Graffiti is a phenomenon that has been around since man started painting on cave walls but today many and the authorities would call it criminal, now this is not a discussion for us here so we'll just focus on the positive aspects of graffiti and the side line of graffiti design and clothing or has the canvas has been called t-shirts.
  • Whilst it's hard to say if skateboarding influences trends in fashion more than fashion trends influences skateboarding, one thing is for sure, skate, longboarding, surf and extreme sports in general have had a profound effect on the clothes designs people wear.


Over the last few years the podcasts have grown and now we have many DJ's and professionals doing exclusive podcasts for Sturban Clothing, such as Dubstep producer LX ONE, Barry Ashworth of the Dub Pistols, Jungle boy and Drum and Bass players Sub Slayers, Sigma and Simian Frenzy. So why not kick back open the archive and find something to brighten up your day. When you find and hidden gem share with all your friends on social media


  • King Yoof has major credentials and a long history in the U.K Bass music scene. Over the last year King Yoof has been in high demand for remix's having remixed Dub Pistols single 'Rock Steady', Saxon Sounds, Max Powa, Aswad and Jinx in Dub.
  • Musical ping pong is where we start with a track and take it in turns to pick the next track that must have a connection with the previous track, however tenuous and this gave us Chemical Brothers, Dr. Alimantado and Thelonious Monk
  • UK Drum and Bass geniuses and friends of Sturban Clothing, Sigma are showing their support us here and giving in only a way Sigma can give, if you have not heard their latest track 'Rudeboy' you must have been in a cave.


The blog is full of useful information that just need to know about, we regularly feature releases from CUT, interviews with the likes of DJ Food, Pinch, Simian Frenzy and the Dub Pistols to name a few. Get in there, dig deep and open your mind don?t forget to share with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.


  • Known for his BPM spanning Reggae, Dub and Jungle fuelled DJ sets and his trademark party starting remixes, King Yoof was the naturally choice to take the Sub Slayers compilation series to the next level.
  • We have finally arrived at the top selection from Bryan Gee ahead of playing at 25 Years of Fabio and Grooverider: The Forum, London: 08 May 2015.
  • Drum and Bass pioneer MC Flux is to release a book cataloguing his history as an upcoming musician on the electronic scene, whilst leading a life full of hooliganism and drug-addiction.

Sturban Clothing for fashion conscious men looking for smaller independent brands and limited edition streetwear and urban inspired clothing with history and supporting street culture. We concentrate on Limited Edition, mens street brands and emerging fashion with mens wear designers, trying to acquire exclusive mens brands that we love whilst keeping up with the latest street trends in fashion for men. Sturban is not about big names we cater for independent street fashion conscious UK males that demand more from their clothes shops. If you dont wanna be caught out wearing the same t-shirt, jeans, jackets as three others in the same venue, you are in the right mens urban fashion, street clothing outfitters.