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Where are you from and what was it like growing up there?
I come from the Portuguese capital, Lisbon. Specifically I came from one of the underprivileged areas, the Chelas neighborhood. Growing up there was intense, there is a very big sense of community and people really connect with each other. On the other hand poverty, violence, police brutality and drug trafficking were a constant.

How did you get your name and is there a story behind it
AMF is just the first characters of my name, Afonso Miguel Fernandes. The idea came when I was recording the audio track for “Aware”, a friend of the producer suggested it, and it sounds cool.

Was there a situation or a person who inspired you to rap?
Not one event in particular, but after hearing Immortal Technique and the way he uses his music as a weapon and a tool to try to fight injustice and spread the word, I began to think I could try to express some of my own thoughts in the shape of some rhymes.

Tell us about your latest release.
I want to introduce my last release, this is the first peak here on Sturban Clothing, and is ready to download below.

“Policy of Robbery” is about this never-ending cycle that we are in right now, where most of the decisions that affect our lives in a meaningful way are taken from the people, and we have been rendered powerless, and that is the real “policy of robbery”.  FREE downlaod all we ask is your share on Facebook or with  a Tweet.

What emotions your music creates to you and what are you expressing?

It varies, music cannot be about one singular set of emotions, it can be expressed at rage, hate, but also love and peace, while is true I tend to make more aggressive lines which express more anger than love.

Your songs are oriented towards governments, political actions and economical situation. Who are you trying to address with your songs?
Everyone and no one, I am making my own stuff, and I will try my very best to make something worthwhile, if people tend to relate and like it, great. If not, I can still sleep at night.

What do you prefer, playing live, recording in the studio or battling?
Always live, since in a studio everything needs to sound perfect and you record 30 takes to use a couple of them. On the other hand just having fun and seeing the reaction of the people gives me a much greater joy than just rapping to a microphone.

Do you play any other instruments and/or music styles?
I play guitar and bass, I played in several bands for about 7 years. The styles range from death metal to jazz, so is a very big variety.

How would you describe your personality?
I am just myself, I can be pretty random sometimes, but I always try to see the positive side to things and to just try to enjoy life and try to filter the bullshit as much as I can.

What do you enjoy doing the most?

With so many artists out there, what are you doing different to get heard?
Well one always tries to be original,but the main point is just to write about what is meaningful to you.  I talk about less mainstream topics, I try to approach them using historical facts and putting them in context, so that the listener can have an idea of the topic, but the great point is to make the listener think and maybe question his initial assumptions.

Any opinions you need to voice?
I don’t care if you don’t like my music, I don’t care if you think what I stand for is bullshit, but for a couple of minutes, while you hear my song I have your attention, and you will be presented with my opinions about a wide range of topics. I just don’t want you to be indifferent. Think a little bit, I want my songs to be the catalyst for critical thinking. Connect with AMF