Banksy - faded, buffed and stolen

The recent hacking of a Banksy mural showing a boy making Union Jack bunting on a sewing machine, was chiselled off the side of a Poundland store in Wood Green, London. It then almost immediately showed up for auction in Miami where auctioneers expected it to make £460,000, but they had to withdraw it at the last minute last week after an uproar.

So The Sun in their infinite wisdom launched a so called investigation which has revealed, some have been vandalised, some painted over by well-meaning bunglers and some have just faded away into ghosts of themselves — victims of time and weather - shock horror. Firstly I must add that the The Sun got one of their Banksy's wrong Cash Machine which they show the original with a robotic arm grabbing a little girl is in fact a defacing has the original had no addition and was in fact the machine spewing out £10 notes with the face of Lady Di replacing The Queen.  I know this coz I just happen to be reading "Banksy The Man Behind the Wall". 

When I first heard of "Banksy The Man Behind the Wall" my feeling was another book of Banksy images that just repeats what has gone before but no, this book examines and discusses "Banksy The Man Behind the Wall" the author talks to both friends and his artistic adversaries of Banksy, those who knew him in his early days and those who have watched him try to come to terms with his new-found fame and fortune, and asks what, ultimately, this enigmatic character and Banksy's work adds up to, personally I am finding the book very interesting, and we just happen to have a hardback copy to giveaway on Sturban Clothing.

The other thing the book "Banksy The Man Behnd the Wall" points out is the transient nature of streetart and I must add this is something accepted within the scene and that I find most interesting. Graffiti / Streetart is art or art's sake not for gain, now this also bring the main difference in my mind between graffiti and streetart.  The original purpose of graffiti was to "get your name up" where as streetart may not promote the name.

So lets look at how some of these images now look after the ravages of time and Team Robbo the now legendary beef between Bansky and graffiti artist Robbo that lead to much on the London Banksy's being defaced.