Jazzsteppa - New Album

Since forming in 2007, Jazzsteppa have released six singles, two EPs & 2 LP's: “Jakin/Two” on UK label Hotflush, “Five/America B” on MG77, “Big Swing Sound” and “Sweet Tooth” on Studio Rockers, and “Jazzsteppa”, “Shamen”, and “Fuck Jazzsteppa Vol. 1” on their own label. Their releases have sold over 25,000 copies worldwide.

Jazzsteppa are an internationally acclaimed dubstep outfit who combine cutting-edge digital production with acoustic instruments, and fuse hard-line rave sounds with dixieland, jazz and blues, how on earth did you come up with this sound?
We both come from a Jazz background: Gal.b is a trombone player & I play jazz drums.. We grew up listening to John Coltrane, Charles Mingus & other free jazz 1950's - 1960's music. I guess we also grew up with Squarepusher & Aphex twin so finally both things merged in our heads and later on in the studio & on stage :-)
When you look at your bio you have played everywhere St Petersburg, Tel Aviv, Bergen, Paris, Kiev, Bratislava, Amsterdam, Moscow, Athens, Prague, Zagreb, Dresden and Ljubljana how come?
We have good friends all over the world which helped us spread the vibe.. and I guess we are lucky to have a good following pretty much everywhere in the world.. We are actually working on tours in India & Mexico for later in the year.
Which is your favourite place to play and why?
We had an amazing gig last week in Passing Clouds in Shoreditch (London); it's a small venue with 250 capacity, but the crowd always go absolutely mental & you get a proper rave feel. London is home for me, so even if the fee's aren't great our best gigs are usually here.  Our UK promoter (Eric from "Open the Gate") got a wicked line-up together for that one..

And your second & third favourite?
St.Petersburg (Russia) & Austin (USA) are pretty wild :-)
So live dubstep without samples, works for me and I'm guessing it goes down well but do you guys have formal music backgrounds?
Education is a must in my opinion. We do have jazz / classical training but there's always more to learn. I would love to learn more about Mixing and Mastering for example & I know Gal.b is planning to fly out to Brazil to learn percussion.
So the new album what's the concept?
More vocal tunes, tighter production, more radio-worthy stuff. but also much wilder and experimental. How are we going to pull that off?? fuck knows... lol

You have chosen a novel way to fund it why?
Yeah, we're trying out this crowd-funding thing.. we do love working with record labels (Studio Rockers & Dubz Alive have always been great partners) but I think there is something exciting about getting closer to our audience; Maybe at a later date they could also help make decisions about what should go on the album... I want our fans to enjoy the album, so why not get them involved from the outset?

Do you think you will make the target and what happens if you dont?
I really hope so.. If we don't hit the target? I'll get a job at the local Tesco to raise some money.

"Making a Jazzsteppa LP takes long and usually gets pretty expensive to produce. Over the years we've bootstrapped a lot, we've worked with some great labels which have tried to help covering our production costs- but with the state of the music industry these days- this is becoming less and less of a viable option.

We are now trying to raise £3,000 to produce our next LP. We like to see this as a pre-sale project rather than charity. & we promise that this album will be the most kick-ass merge of Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Swing & Be-bop the world has ever seen!"   Jazzsteppa - Kickstarter

What else are you up to in 2013?
So far we have tours planned in USA, India, Mexico & a bunch of festivals in Holland, Germany & UK. I'm spending most of my time in the studio with some really talented singers & songwriters.. I think a lot of people will be surprised with what's coming next ;-)

Thanks for the interview