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Dephect was never born as a graffiti clothing brand, the name Dephect was originally used as a tag by a graffiti artist in New York back in the 80's. However a friend of Dephect's used the same tag in London in the late 90's and that was what inspired them to call their clothing label Dephect. In Dephect's early days they never really made a conscious decision to have their own t-shirt label, it was more a case of lets make a few t-shirts with some graffiti on them and see what happens. That was back in 99, inspiration now comes in several forms, from graffiti art to music to people. Their clothing design influences started off being mainly graffiti and hip-hop music but have since expanded. Different styles of art, graphic design, music and urban surroundings provide a great source for clothing design ideas and provoke Dephect to try different things.



Dephect Zig Zag Jackets

Zig Zag

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