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Mooks began in 1991, the combined brainchild of graphic designer Richard Allen, with pro skaters, Peter and Stephen Hill.

Originally, Mooks only had T shirts in their clothing range with infamous graphics parodying design, slightly dark, dry and witty, worn and supported by the "in the know creatives" who understood them and "Got the joke!". Mooks clothing has now rapidly expanded their range, today offering a full menswear range to a world market.

The name derived from Mook, 80s New York slang for a street wise slacker, living the now, sharp, witty and dark, his devilment being the ultimate inspiration behind the Mooks logo, a Horned light bulb and trident, and the ever apparent number 6.



Mooks Army Knit Track Sweatshirts & Knits

Army Knit Track

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