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Whilst it's hard to say if skateboarding influences trends in fashion more than fashion trends influences skateboarding, one thing is for sure, skate, longboarding, surf and extreme sports in general have had a profound effect on the clothes designs people wear. I remember speaking with Addict Clothing director years back and him telling me "yeah when we first started we used to buy T shirts and dye them the colours we wanted, it never entered our heads we could have just gone out and bought the colours direct". What many of these skate clothing companies lacked in relevant knowledge they made up for in enthusiasm and now we see Hoodies, Beanies / Caps, skate trainers and baggy or relaxed cut Jeans everywhere.

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T shirts have been around for decades but what's more important is that many younger people now realise that they can, with a little artistic flair, knock up a few designs and get them printed for a few pounds, and this is where skateboarders started to design their own skate clothing fashion. They knocked out designs that were relevant to the skateboard, longboard and surf scene and many bigger companies now use them to promote their company, who of us can say we don't have a T shirts that we proudly wear that promotes some clothing company, hell I have a Freshjive one on now as I write! As the masses realise that you can print your own T-shirts more companies further up the learning curve are moving on custom made T-shirts as seen in the Diamond Supply Co or Ucon range. It's not just straight forward screen printing anymore we have flock prints from Supreme Being, Appliques coming from Element and DC Shoe Co USA, embroidery from Dope and combinations of screen printing and embroidery from Ezekiel and now on Sturban Clothing, Insight and still it continues to develop.

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Jeans, again another mainstay garment but how skateboarding has changed the styles in only a few seasons, from straight cut legs to more relaxed cuts then massive baggy Jeans and now we see relaxed cut but getting much narrower but whilst skateboarders like the baggy Jeans for better movement, BMX riders have always preferred the narrower cuts claiming they don't get caught in their chains. Skate denim has also come along way though now the fashion trend is really going back on it's self and quality is becoming the new design. Antique Japanese denim made on 1940's looms is all the rage, selvage is in, in a big way and wash is relevant everything from Dark Indigo's to blasted and stonewashed denims, antique, distressed and dirty finishes are all about at the same time, and everybody is looking for that something different. Skate clothing is not about conformity. Flaps on pocket AKA Ambiguous, patches or holes and the back pocket is where it's all happening, Zoo York doing internal embroidery that shows through with age, Dope embroideries, Addict camo inserts. What more can they do with Jeans? Are there limits? Since when has riding a skateboard had limits? Never, right? So with skate clothes it has to be the same, now Zoo York included hidden pockets. Stash or hidden pockets as Element bring them out on the majority of the Hoodies.
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What does the future hold for skate and skateboard fashion / design? It's hard to say, many skateboard clothing companies continue to appear and some decline, a few have grown, Element Clothing has been bought out by the massive surfwear company Billabong and continues to produce skateboard clothing but has gained the experience of Billabong and the massive quality jump for them has proven it's self in sales alone. On a design front whilst it is still skate clothing it does have that softer edge that surfwear has. Over this side of the pond we have CTRL and Ucon Clothing companies which have grown in both size and experience and will continue to influence the clothing scene and push the boundaries of garment technology.

One thing is for sure, skate ain't finished yet and if you want to be up with what's coming round the corner keep watching Sturban Clothing coz that's what we're all about !

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