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sNOOk Dubstep Drum and Bass Mashup
Last week there was apathy everywhere so no podcast but this is what I love about this site, the people that love it, LOVE it and come back even harder when we put out the call so support the site and support the users, it's not about cash it's about enjoying, sharing and being part of it, if you dont comment you have no say.

This podcast may contain words or phrases that young mothers, nuns, minors that's young children not the ones that go underground and extract mineral or metals, chavs, pimps or street chemists may find offensive, so turn off now you have been warned.

Dimension X - Gomorrah
Machines - Soap Dodgers
Dark Skies - Tunnidge
Disgusting - Syndaesia
Next Friday - Tomb Crew Remix - Thrills
Terminal - Jack Sparrow
This Is SRE - SRE ft. Flex- Ill Murk- Hypes and Savage
Pump - Matt-U- Jade
Be Alright - Sekklow
Cardiac Arrest - MRK1
Ho! Riddim - Funtcase Remix - Marco Del Horno
Oxygen (Gemini Remix) - Hadouken!
Save My Life (Dubstep Mix) - B.Y.O.B. and J Majik and Wickaman
Hypnotize U (Nero Remix) - N.E.R.D
Fight - DJ Fresh
Innocence - Nero
Rainy Dayz - Kromestar
Reasons - Ultima C
Kaleidoscope - Logistics
Believe Me (Ekol Remix) - Blu Mar Ten
Windows (Ft. Netsky) - Mutated Forms
Let's Try Again (Ft. DK Foyer) - Mage
Give You The World - Crissy Criss and Youngman
Let Go - Robot Koch Remix - Kraddy

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The Sturban Clothing Podcasts some have been done by us and include the music we listen to but we dont want it to be all about us so we let almost anybody that wants to do a podcast a place to get them heard and out there so it's Sturban Clothing customers Podcasts. So where do you come in?

We are always looking:

Drops: we need something along the lines "hi this is me from here and I shop at the Sturban Clothing" but you can freestyle it.

Podcasts: if you wanna do one why not promote what you listen to your band and their influences, your night and the music it plays anything.

Feel free to post links to this on any sites, forums, blogs you use or own but dont Spam pls;-)