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St.G Dub n Chill
Wasn't sure about this mix, I usally start with an idea or a tune that starts the podcast and sets the tone, however with this one I just had a bunch of tracks that I had been listening to and even when I was putting it together I wasn't sure about it but now it's done I have listened to it a few times and I love it. Bit of a return to my mellow bass tones that I'm so into right now, see what you think be interetsed to hear your views or even suggestions like I would have followed track b with blar instead of blar.

Who Can Your Trust? - Morcheeba
Us - Nosaj Thing
Ball'r - Terre Thaemilitz
faulty - Sleeper
In For The Kill - La Roux (Skream Let's Gat Ravey Remix)
Sound Asleep - DFRNT
Widescreen - Pinch
Fire - Ved'd The Air I Breath - Badmarsh and Shri
Don't Ask me to Forgive You - Bass Clef
Sublemonal - Skream
Tell Me - Mr Lager ft Alys Be ( Distance remix)

The Sturban Clothing Podcasts some have been done by us and include the music we listen to but we dont want it to be all about us so we let almost anybody that wants to do a podcast a place to get them heard and out there so it's Sturban Clothing customers Podcasts. So where do you come in?

We are always looking:

Drops: we need something along the lines "hi this is me from here and I shop at the Sturban Clothing" but you can freestyle it.

Podcasts: if you wanna do one why not promote what you listen to your band and their influences, your night and the music it plays anything.

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