UK Runnings Presents Golden Bars Hosted by Tricksta

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UK Runnings Presents - Golden Bars - Hosted by Tricksta
It's been no big secret that we sponsor Tricksta and are official sponsors of UK Runnings (for more years than we can remember) but why?

Constantly we get asked about sponsorship, listen we sponsor ppl who do things that's why one of our main boys is Tricksta and UK Runnings, if you used the word prolific and Tricksta in the same sentence it would be an under estimate of the work he does. When Tricksta aint dropping new FREE downloads of UK hip hop, he is producing, when he aint doing that he's doing pr and promoting artists and when he finds time he's out dj'ing, time to sleep it just dont happen, so if you wanna be sponsored by Sturban Clothing check out our boy and see if you can live up to him, it aint a hip hop thing with us it's a doing something kinda thing.

UK RUNNINGS is first and foremost a CD mixtape series that promotes UK Hip-Hop. Founded in 2001 by producer and dj Tricksta from Wolftown Recordings and Rago Magazine and Park Street PR, UK RUNNINGS pays homage to some of the UK's finest, as well as exposing lesser known hip hop talent. UK RUNNINGS pushes, promotes and generally exposes British Hip-Hop through its underground mixtape series. So if you want to support UK Hip Hop or independent ppl that are doing what they believe in coz they love it then pass this link around, blog it, link on Facebook or tweet on Twitter whatever you do DO SOMETHING!

This podcast may contain words or phrases that may be offensive, so you have been warned.

01 - Skillit - I Think You Get The Point
02 - Supar Novar - Fresh Ta Death
03 - Braydz - Grey Skies
04 - Ruthless - Three Sixty
05 - Genesis Elijah - Pain
06 - Big Dutty Deeze - The Evil Sort
07 - Just P - Real Shit
08 - LATE - Enter The Sector
09 - Reveal - Neva Blink
10 - Sir Tomz Feat. Cyrus - Survival
11 - Terra Slim - Energy
12 - Skriblah - SOS Remix
13 - B-iLLA - Black & White
14 - MKD Feat. Nih illi - Day Dreaming
15 - A.C & Otee The Scoundral - My Perspective
16 - S.Kalibre & Architech - Vibin'

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The Sturban Clothing Podcasts some have been done by us and include the music we listen to but we dont want it to be all about us so we let almost anybody that wants to do a podcast a place to get them heard and out there so it's Sturban Clothing customers Podcasts. So where do you come in?

We are always looking:

Drops: we need something along the lines "hi this is me from here and I shop at the Sturban Clothing" but you can freestyle it.

Podcasts: if you wanna do one why not promote what you listen to your band and their influences, your night and the music it plays anything.

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